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At present we do not have the rescources to do any training but we are working on building the club up so we can get back to doing annual training

Scuba diving is an adventure open to anyone aged 14 or over, BSAC offer affordable scuba diving lessons, it's never been easier to learn to dive.

BSAC has long been in on the secret of how exciting our seas are to scuba dive - our members have been taking scuba diving lessons and safely diving, exploring and enjoying Britain's seas and many other places around the world. Join us!

Training consists of a mixture of class room lessons, practical lessons in a pool, a theory test and then practical lessons in open water, but the support does not stop there once you are qualified you will be supported on any club dive until your confidence grows.

Instruction is done qualified instructors within the club unlike other agencies these instructors do not get paid for their time as a club we all take part in running the club instructors giving their time to teach others how to dive safely.

To get started...
Contact us and we can help you find somewhere to learn